who we are. why we're here.

It started with a passionate group of pet people (that’s us!) driven by a new, shared vision of what pet care products could and should be.

We are a small, passionate group of dog-loving humans driven by a simple belief (shared by dogs everywhere!) that dogs are human too! 

It’s this belief that inspires us as we elevate the quality and kind of “pet care” products that make our pet life the best it can be. We dream up new solutions for the many parts of the lives we share — at home or out and about. We create better, cleaner formulas, new tools, new delivery systems and everyday essentials that treat dogs with the ingenuity, thoughtfulness and respect they deserve. 

If you share our vision, we couldn’t be more excited for all the humans in your life to join us on this journey!

Live your
best pet life.

From bath to carpet, from your home, to their wellness, from the park to your couch, our pet care solutions are as broad as your needs.


You share a home but you don’t need to share the mess and stress of stains and odors. Our super-clean products also are super at cleaning. 


Our tasty supplements use super-clean ingredients and reports from our pets say, super delish.

Out & About

Super-clean ingredients. Sustainable, easy-to-use packaging. We make your outdoor life a walk in the park!


Super-clean solutions for their (and your) specific needs. Glam on, baby.


Our 360° view of your pet life.

Your pet and the pet life you share are unique and always changing. We get it. So we create our products and kits with your dog and your cat in mind. You’ll see that each of our products indicates (on pack and online) what pet and lifestyle it’s best used for.

Pet type

What breed(s)? Size? Hair Type? Answers to these questions get us going.


Are you an active family? Do you live in an apartment or have a big yard? This type of consideration is our inspiration.


Puppies and kittens don’t have the same needs as seniors. Or adolescents. We get this.


Pets have particular sensitivities. So do pet parents. We’re sensitive to both.


Pet Life Comes Clean!

From our ingredients to our partners to our packaging. We’re all about coming clean.


Plant/mineral based + safe synthetics only


100% natural fragrances + flavors


Smart, sustainable, waste-less packaging


Transparent ingredient list

Our 360° give back view.

Consistent with our 360 perspective we like to give back to a wide variety of underserved pet community and organizations. Here is a partial list of the organizations we give to. Please feel free to send us other suggestions —we’re always reaching out to more.