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Our rapid liquid-locking absorption means quick drying, no tracking and dry floors! Add a training attractant and no-slip backing and our Leak-Proof Slide-Proof Dog Pads save your carpets, floors, car seats and your sanity.


Great For
  • Potty training puppy families
  • Apartment dwellers with small dogs
  • Active pet families – save your car seats from dirty paws!
  • Fragrance-sensitive pets and people
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What's Inside
  • 5-LAYER ABSORPTION: Our quilted, leak-control material holds up to 4 cups of liquid. Compare that to other large dog pads on the market and it’s almost double the absorption! Our large 22″ x 24″ pads are great for small breeds of all ages. Still, if you have a dog who tends to miss the pad, we recommend placing 2 pads next to each other for a hard-to-miss target.
  • NO MORE SLIDING: No point in a pad to protect your floors if it won’t stay put, right?. That’s why our Leak Proof Slide Proof Dog Pads come equipped with a no-slip grip backing. Simply unfold and place your pad where you want it to stay, let your pup take care of business, and dispose. No sliding for your pup (or your floors)!
  • FOR TRAINING MADE EASY: Our Leak Proof Slide Proof Dog Pads are made with a training attractant to help your pup know where to go. Unfold a pad on the floor away from your dog’s food and bed with the white plastic side down, gray absorbent side up. Give your dog time to smell it (don’t ask, that’s how they do!). Give encouragement when they’re using the pad. Praise and reward with treats (it’s a big moment for both of you!).
  • Made with dye-free and bleach free materials plus sustainable forest pulp.
  • Fragrance Free
  • These pads are designed and manufactured in a family owned facility in the United States that follows stringent GMP processes and guidelines as required by the FDA to ensure a quality approach to manufacturing.
  • Conceived, developed and made in the USA

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  • ALPHA-STRENGTH ™ ABSORBENCY: 5 layer design absorbs and locks liquid in place.
  • STAYS PUT: Non-slip backing helps keep pad in place on all floor surfaces.
  • LESS MESS: Embossed layer absorbs quickly, reduces tracking.
  • TRAINING SUPPORT: A training attractant to help puppies learn where to go.
  • MATERIALS THAT MATTER: Made with dye-free and bleach-free materials, sustainably harvested forest-pulp.
  • DÉCOR FRIENDLY: Soft Grey liner color looks great on any floor in any home.
  • CLOSET FRIENDLY: Easy-access, clutter-free dispensing box can be reused or recycled.

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