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3XL Heavy Duty Dog Pads

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Meet our largest dog pad ever! This 3XL pad is perfect for extra large dogs and multi-dog homes and features smart odor-control fragrance that’s released just when you need it. Our Clover Leaf Fragrance is developed to be light and pleasing to snouts and noses. Add 5 layers of next-level absorption and suddenly, this pad moves to head of the class!


Great For
  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Potty-training families
  • Active pet families- save your car seats from dirty paws!
  • Apartment life
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  • ODOR CONTROL ACTIVATION: Our Smart Prints Dog Pads feature a probiotic-based active ingredient that breaks down and destroys any odors left behind by your pups. Meanwhile, our micro-encapsulated fragrance gives you a long lasting freshness by releasing a light scent, just a little at a time. With every paw step, these pads are busy destroying odors and leaving a scent behind that’s pleasing to snouts and noses.
  • LIGHT & PLEASING FRAGRANCE: Our Clover Leaf Fragrance is developed with both your home and your pup’s sensitive snout in mind. Instead of the overpowering scents (especially to your pup!) used by conventional dog pads, ours features notes of violet, cedar, and sandalwood to gently complement your home. And since a dog’s nose is more sensitive to fragrance than our own, we’ve micro-encapsulated our fragrance which means it releases just a little at a time, only when you need it.
  • EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE: Our largest dog pad ever boasts 9 square feet of floor protection from your pup’s worst messes! Our 36″ x 36″ in Heavy Duty Dog Pads are perfect for extra large dogs and multi-dog homes.
  • 5-LAYER ABSORPTION: Our quilted, leak-control material holds up to 14 cups of liquid. Super absorbent and super sized, our 36″ x 36″ pads are great for training puppies and dogs of all sizes.

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