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Even poop bags come in “great!” Our easy-tear roll of durable + odorless + planet-friendly bags definitely qualify.

Packaging may vary.


Great For
  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Active pet families
  • Fragrance-sensitive pups and people
  • All responsible pet parents
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What's Inside


  • FRAGRANCE FREE: No need for cover-ups when odors stay in the bag.
  • 100% RECYCLED BOX: Made completely from recycled stock, 35% of it is post-consumer waste.
  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Our Waste Bags are made with d2W™ which makes the plastic return to nature within about 2 years after use. We don’t use the word “biodegradable” as we comply with the FTC’s Green Guide which outlines rules for companies selling biodegradable plastics


  • EASY TEAR-OFF: Hassle-free bag tears easily off the roll.
  • KEEPS POOP IN: Thick and durable bag construction holds poop, liquid and odors in.
  • NO POOP TO HAND CONTACT: Longer bags make pick + tie up quick and easy.
  • We’ve partnered with a family owned company in the United States to design our environmentally conscious waste bags.
  • These bags are made with an oxo-biodegradable additive that works by reacting with air, light and moisture to break down the plastic under ideal conditions.
  • Waste Bags are designed in the USA and made in China. Box is made in the USA.

Pet Life Comes Clean!

From our ingredients to our partners to our packaging. We’re all about coming clean.


Plant/mineral based + safe synthetics only


100% natural fragrances + flavors


Smart, sustainable, waste-less packaging


Transparent ingredient list

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