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NEW Create-A-Size Dog Pads allow you to quickly and easily create a custom potty zone in any space. Simply peel and press two or a few pads together to protect floors, moldings, walls and more. From kitchen corners to expansive entryways, the dog pad possibilities are truly endless!

Looking for extra leak protection? Create an overlap of 2 – 3″ when you connect pads. Need to move your potty zone? Reposition away.

Pro tip: You can also use them under food and water bowls to soak up spills and catch kibble and dribble, plus by exterior doors to stop muddy paws in their tracks.

Great For
  • Everyday dog pad users
  • Multi-dog homes
  • Puppies and dogs of any size
  • Dogs who lift a leg or walk as they pee
  • Anywhere dog messes happen
Coming soon
  • YOUR PUP’S OWN CUSTOM POTTY ZONE: NEW Create-A-Size Dog Pads feature connectable adhesive strips along 2 sides made to stick to the floor, the wall, or each other! No matter how or where your dog goes, our pads have you and your floors & walls covered.
  • SLIDE-PROOF ABSORPTION: Our 22″x 22″ quilted, leak-control material holds up to 4 cups of liquid per pad. Stick a few pads to the floor & each other for a slide-proof extra-large target for your pup!
  • A DOG PAD WITH STYLE: Have you ever looked at a standard dog pad and wish they weren’t such an eyesore? We have. And we did something about it. Create-A-Size Dog Pads feature a fun kaledioscope border that you won’t mind showing off.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE: Since a pup’s nose is way more sensitive and particular than ours, we like to give pup parents the option to…opt out of fragrance all together!

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