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Cornstarch Poop Bags

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Love the pup, deal with the poop. But can you really love the poop bag? Maybe… if it’s extra durable, easy-tear, longer for easier pick-up-and-tie AND planet-friendly with 27% renewable, non-gmo cornstarch. Ok, you can save the love for your pup but it’s about time a poop bag at least got some respect!

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Great For
  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Active pet families
  • Fragrance-sensitive pups and people
  • All responsible pet parents
180 ct
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What's Inside


  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Our Waste Bags are made with a blend that contains 27% renewable non-gmo cornstarch
  • FRAGRANCE FREE: No need for cover-ups when odors stay in the bag


  • EASY TEAR-OFF: Hassle-free bag tears easily off the roll
  • KEEPS POOP IN: Thick and durable bag construction holds poop, liquid, and odors in
  • NO POOP TO HAND CONTACT: Longer bags make pick + tie up quick and easy
  • We’ve partnered with an experienced manufacturer to design our environmentally conscious waste bags
  • Made from cornstarch, a renewable resource and other bio-based proprietary components
  • Box and core made of recycled cardboard

Pet Life Comes Clean!

From our ingredients to our partners to our packaging. We’re all about coming clean.


Plant/mineral based + safe synthetics only


100% natural fragrances + flavors


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